A sturdy 1980s office building on Beneluxlaan houses the second core office of Rabobank Utrecht. The entrance has been given an inviting character, with customers and staff being received in a setting reminiscent of a living room.

“A sturdy 1980s office building”

empty spaces and a connecting wooden

In the work zones, empty spaces and a connecting wooden staircase provide a visual and physical connection between the different departments. On the fifth floor, there is an attractive work café with a view of the city of Utrecht. Here, there are various spaces for employees to eat and to work, and there are also large presentation rooms.


Open, transparent, inviting, and contemporary are the key terms for the mood and look. The use of light colours for floor and ceiling and warm wood types for the staircases and meeting places has created a balanced palette which strengthens the identity of Rabobank Utrecht.


Client: Rabobank Utrecht e.o.
Location: Utrecht
Completion: 2011

Project team: Eric Wezenberg, Cathelijne Vreugdenhil, Edwin Kamphorst, Yves Sellam, Martin Vinkestijn,  i.s.m. OIII Architecten
Building consultancy: Van Kessel Janssen bv Bouwconsultancy
Installation consultant: Bongers / Jansen adviesbureau

Photography: Alexander van Berge, Edwin Kamphorst, Collin van Kooten