Studio vision

In the ZENBER vision, sustainably and innovatively designed spaces support the people who move in them, enabling them to develop and connect with each other as effectively as possible. Our designs always articulate the identity and culture of organisations of which one can feel proud.


Because culture is defined by its surroundings, our aim is to get a profound sense of the individual, the working processes and the organisation. Only if that understanding is taken on board in the design, will users feel included, understood and supported by an interior.


In our vision, designs connect the building with the user. This is why a ZENBER interior is not only aesthetic and comfortable, but also challenging and tangible, in order to stimulate the senses. For us, a bespoke approach is about carefully coordinated interaction between people and their innovative working environment, resulting in more focused energy and increased creativity through inspiration and an experience of well-being.


ZENBER core values

Our core values are more than mere concepts to us – we understand them as verbs. They are something that we actively do and that we incorporate in our designs for people to experience.


Positivity for us means that people feel good in their surroundings and convey that to others, creating a healthy and supportive culture.


Sustainability is something that we see as care for people and their surroundings. Any organisation is connected to the world and if that relationship is healthy, both of them have a positive impact on the other. ZENBER articulates this in sustainable designs that are never isolated from history, the location and the building’s impact on its users and the outside world. Of course the value of sustainability is also expressed in our choice of materials and energy-efficient types of lighting.


Tangible describes surroundings that genuinely reach out to people, inviting interaction. We want users to be able to feel an interior. This is expressed in our choice of natural and honest materials and in our use of colour.


Creative always goes hand-in-hand with effective for us, and our vision is always at the service of the user. We never impose, but always invite, with the elements we design in our own studio.


Innovative is all about releasing energy, new ways of relating to each other and creating better partnerships in organisations through innovative designs.


Challenging is essential for promoting interaction, creating new connections between people and interiors and unleashing latent energy and potential within an organisation.


Sensitive is our capacity to grasp the ambitions, cultural essence and identity of an organisation and to reflect it in our designs.


Personal describes a space that people can make their own, where they want to be, stay and meet. This is why we stimulate the senses and invite people above all to use every element in the interior.