ZENBER create space for people to develop, meet and connect. We transform the identity, core values and culture of organisations into environments that optimise working and learning processes, relationships and people’s well-being.


We are specialists in design and consultancy for:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Commercial services
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies


Workplace concepts and design:


Consultancy and design services

  • Interior architecture
  • Architecture
  • Project management
  • Project budgeting and calculation
  • Identity design and graphic design


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The way we work


Thorough preparatory research, social knowledge and the application of effective creativity are the things that make ZENBER interior architects stand out. Our curiosity, organisational sensitivity and keen eye for working processes, the individual needs and the ambitions of our clients characterise the approach of ZENBER interior architects.


We do not begin designing until we have a deep understanding of the culture, processes and people in your organisation. Of course, we also need to have a thorough understanding of the building. Due to their knowledge of civil engineering and construction, the ZENBER experts know how to look at a building and how to use intelligent design to draw out its strengths.


Building and technology

We always approach new projects with an open attitude and a broad perspective, because no organisation or location is the same. What do the surroundings need in order to enable your people to work effectively and fully develop themselves? How can the interior design help shape a strong and healthy culture? These kinds of questions determine the creation of an interior design and our partnership with clients.


Integrated partnership and dialogue

To inspiring, to sparking enthusiasm and to achieve shared ambitions: this is the ZENBER approach to partnership. We aim to engage our clients in the design process, never losing sight of the end user or the result.


The ZENBER Architecten team are renowned for their clear communication and pragmatic approach. We always keep a close eye on budgets and deadlines. We offer a critical perspective if necessary, but always in a positive and constructive manner in order to achieve the shared vision.


Effective coordination with contractors, installers and interior engineers goes without saying. We can also offer useful assistance on building regulations or planning permissions, permits or advice.


Toolbox – interior designing together

Collaborating to achieve the optimum design is something we also do at your location. The ZENBER Toolbox is an interactive workshop based on the Agile approach, which ensures that the organisation’s ambition and strategy are optimally reflected in the new design.


During the workshop, we elicit specific information about working processes from the organisation and also inform employees on the use of the new design. This ensures that the interior design becomes an expression of the organisation’s identity and culture and that an organisation is more willing to accept the transition towards a flexible workplace, for example.