Following the merger of various Rabobanks in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area with Schretlen & Co, the interior of the building, which dated back to 2002 and was completed by Van Aken Architecten, no longer satisfied the requirements of a modern office space. Rabobank therefore decided to renovate its consultancy office in Apeldoorn.

flexible workplace

ZENBER Architecten has created a draft design according to flexible workplace arrangements. The 6000-m2 renovation concerns the ground floor and six further floors and consists of various flexible work spaces, meeting rooms, discussion rooms, a brainstorming room, silent working rooms, a library, a meeting floor, various client zones, and a ‘work café’.

“Renovation consultancy office”

colour is used to designate space

Colour, material, and design have been used to drive the feelings and behaviour of employees and customers. Where quiet and concentration is required, muted colours, materials, and design have been used, whereas more expressive and colourful spaces have been created for the purpose of communication and meetings. Different floor areas have been created in the existing floors so that colour is used to designate space, and as much as possible as been reused.

characteristic inner and outer walls

Some of the existing features have been removed and reused elsewhere to make the building more open, flexible, and multifunctional. The architecture’s characteristic inner and outer walls have also been made more noticeable and stronger.


Client: Rabobank
Location: Apeldoorn
GFA: 6.250 m²
Completion: 2015

Project team ZENBER: Eric Wezenberg, Edwin Kamphorst, Ingrid Heijne
Building consultancy: Van Kessel Janssen bv Bouwconsultancy
Installation consultant: Bongers/Jansen adviesbureau

Graphic design: ZENBER Architecten
Photography: Roos Aldershoff