For Comfort Partners, a division of the TBI Group, ZENBER Architecten have designed a green working environment where you can really feel at home.
Comfort Partners works for housing associations, construction companies and property investors. They install systems in new-build, transformation and renovation projects and also take care of the maintenance and management of the installations. They are fulfilling a key role in the overall development that is happening in the housing market and are eager to take on the challenges involved in the energy transition.

With heating and cooling systems, they are making new residential buildings and existing homes healthy, smart and sustainable. Comfort Partners have the knowledge, experience and drive to make every house into a home. This inspired ZENBER to create a green working environment where you can feel at home.

“Physical and digital collaboration”

Comfortable and hybrid

The working environment has a comfortable, hybrid character with a variety of digital facilities enabling people to work together physically and digitally. Each staff member chooses the type of workspace that is appropriate for the work that they are doing at that particular time. There are communication zones and conference/co-working areas where staff and visitors can meet up and share their knowledge with each other.
There is a variety of workspaces for informal and formal consultations and meetings. In the inviting lounge area, you can access tea and coffee and the multifunctional lounge can be used for presentations, meetings, lunch, interaction and relaxation. This enables colleagues to connect with each other more, boosting collaboration.

Green working environment

The green colours combined with real plants on the wall and the playful use of planters all contribute to the lounge/living room feeling. Climate control, an outstanding heating and cooling system, air purification by plants, reduced damaging emissions from flooring and noise reduction combine to create a comfortable working environment.


Client: Comfort Partners l TBI
Locaion: Amsterdam
GFA: 900 sq. m.
Completion: 2021

Project team ZENBER: Eric Wezenberg, Ingrid Heijne, Carlien den Uijl, Ruby Ingwersen
Project management : Hevo
E&M consultant: croonwolter&dros |TBI

Contractor: J.P. van Eesteren | TBI
Interior finisher: Verwol
Lighting plan: ZENBER Architecten
Graphic design: ZENBER Architecten
Project photography: ZENBER Architecten