Two former offices of Waterweg Wonen were recently amalgamated to form one new head office on Van Hogendorplaan in Vlaardingen. Waterweg Wonen housing corporation is a cooperation-oriented organisation, which works closely with society to meet the needs of its clients. Cooperation is based on the principles of New Working. In designing the new building, ZENBER has created an inspiring, innovative working environment. It features a reception hall, central meeting area, passage, working area, meeting zone, workshop, multifunctional restaurant and a home showroom.

“Building with iconic bridge”


ZENBER has given the building a unique, powerful symbol by creating an iconic orange skybridge, which serves as a metaphor for ‘connection’. The pedway, comprising a bridge and steps, transects the building to connect two otherwise separate sections.

The skybridge runs along the transparent interior walls of the two sections of the building, and through the double-height passage. It connects the various working areas, departments and staff, enabling and encouraging ultimate cooperation.


The Board of Directors wanted to create an energy-efficient office with healthy, comfortable flexplaces for its staff. To monitor the results, a BREEAM process was started. The BREEAM-NL New Building and Renovation standard is the instrument for assessing new building projects and major renovations in terms of sustainability. Buildings are assessed on nine separate sustainability aspects: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use, ecology and pollution. The design for the new Waterweg Wonen head office has been awarded a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM-NL certificate.

“The new layout makes it easier for staff to work together”
– Harrie Bosch, Managing Director –

Managing Director Harrie Bosch on the new head office:

“We had four main reasons for this move. The first was that the new building is smaller, more flexible and better suited to the needs of a shrinking organisation. Secondly, the move reduces our running costs considerably because we are now renting one building instead of the two we used to have on Nettenboetsterstraat and Burgemeester van Lierplein. In addition, the new layout makes it easier for staff to work together. Thirdly, it has room for our workshop. And lastly, as the icing on the cake, these new premises fulfil our ambitions in terms of sustainability. The new building has a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM certificate, which means that it is equipped with a wide range of sustainability features.”


Client: Waterweg Wonen
Location: Vlaardingen
GFA: 2.400 m²
Completion: 2016

Project team ZENBER: Eric Wezenberg, Ingrid Heijne, Diederik Mulder
Building consultancy: Hevo

Contractor: ERA Contour
Interior finisher:Gielissen
Lighting plan: ZENBER Architecten, Modular
Graphic design: ZENBER Architecten
Photography: Roos Aldershoff