Wigo4it, the ICT service provider for the social services of the four largest Dutch municipalities (known as the G4) has a new work environment based on the ‘metropolis’ concept.
The various zones and areas of the district-neighbourhood-square-park have been translated into facilities for working together and meeting versus individual and concentrated work. The new interior is located in the Stichthage building, strategically situated on top of Den Haag Central railway station. It offers a beautiful view of the Malieveld, a large grass field opposite the station, and a panoramic view of The Hague and the surrounding area.

“The metropolis concept has different zoning and areas”


The robust building, built in 1972, is especially suitable for a flexible workplace concept thanks to its large, deep floors and dimensions. The floor of the office was dated and has therefore been stripped completely to transform it into an open working environment with a contemporary and sturdy feel. Transparent, free-standing units give structure to the design. Colourful graphic fields on the floors and walls of these units designate the various meeting areas.

The key starting point in the design for Wigo4it was to foster interaction between teams and stimulate knowledge sharing. The workspace concept supports the ambition of Wigo4it to be a customer-focused, efficient and innovative ICT partner for the G4. In addition to internal knowledge sharing, a deliberate choice was made to offer space for start-ups in order to attract new and fresh input from external parties into the organisation.


A section of the interior was deliberately created on the basis of social return in order to help increase the labour participation rate among people with poor job prospects. This lends new meaning to participating in and contributing to society.


Client: Wigo4it
Location: Den Haag
GFA: 2.250 m²
Completion: 2015

Project team ZENBER: Eric Wezenberg, Edwin Kamphorst
Building consultancy: Stevens Van Dijck Bouwmanagers en adviseurs

Photography: ZENBER Architecten