Rabobank Maliebaan Utrecht

stately and monumental residence

About This Project

A stately and monumental residence at the Maliebaan in Utrecht functions as one of the key offices of Rabobank Utrecht en omstreken. Rabobank indicated that they not only wished to renovate, but also to use the working environment in a new and innovative way. In cooperation with Veldhoen + Company, we developed an innovative working environment, which, apart from its functional design, also directs the professional atmosphere and behaviour of employees and clients by means of its ambiance and character.
By introducing ‘The New Way of Work’ (Het Nieuwe Werken) a variety of work will be carried out efficiently and effectively, and with a high level of service towards Rabobank’s clients. Starting point for the work place concept are work places that are no longer bound to persons, but to activities. The classical wooden and stained panelling of the villa was used as a source of inspiration and binding element between the monumental villa and the extension which was added in the eighties. By doing so, harmony was brought into the interior, which has acquired an open, innovative and inviting character.
Project: Interior design of office building Rabobank private banking
Place: Utrecht
Client: Rabobank Utrecht e.o.
Interiorarchitect: Eric Wezenberg, Anouk Dekker i.c.w. OIII architecten
Project team: Yves Sellam, Cathelijne Vreugdenhil, Ernst-Jan Schoute, Martin Vinkestijn
Completion: 2010
Photography: Christiaan de Bruijne & Alexander van Berge

Offices, Work