The Hotelschool The Hague (a University of Hospitality Management) has found a permanent location at Staalmeesterslaan 410 in Amsterdam. With the transformation of the former ABN AMRO office building into an educational institution, the Hague-based hospitality school now has a second branch in Amsterdam. In an interactive process with the Hotelschool, we have developed the desired form of accommodation and a matching interior design. The architect, Mr Zandstra, designed this building in the 1970s.

“Everything under one roof”

The Hotelschool has the following facilities, allowing students to study, work and live under one roof:
Teaching: teaching rooms, study areas, a multi-media centre and an auditorium;
Offices: activity-related working environment for teaching staff;
Catering: restaurant Le Debut and restaurant La Place;
Hospitality: hotel rooms for external guests, Skotel apartments for first-year students.

“Everything under one roof”

contemporary and industrial look

The functions all have their own identities on the various floors of the building, with kitchens, the auditorium, service desks and teaching rooms positioned within the floor plans as free-standing volumes to create a clear structure with an open character. The volumes were designed as closed boxes and differentiated by a specific finish on the outside in terms of material or colour. The interior design has a contemporary and industrial look, linking up with the desired functionality and durability, and forming a relationship with the subdued yet powerful character of the building.

The enclosed patio has a direct connection with the neighbouring interior spaces, and the layout of the patio will also be given a multifunctional character, whereby small-scale greenhouse facilities are also provided for the cultivation of the school’s own vegetables and herbs.

Hotelschool The Hague profiles itself in its Amsterdam location as an innovative and inspiring educational institution with core concepts such as hospitality, knowledge, creation, and research.


Client: Hotelschool The Hague
Location: Amsterdam
Completion: 2012

Project team: Eric Wezenberg, Yves Sellam, Iefke Machielsen, Michael Hoogland i.s.m. Olll architecten
Building architect: ZZDP

Photography: Alexander van Berge