ZENBER Architecten has designed a new interior for the head office of Oikocredit: A flexible and future-proof environment, where Oikocredit employees can work and welcome their clients in a contemporary way.


The revitalisation of the working environment on the ground and upper floor levels involves maximising the number of workstations. “Activity Based Working’ is an important keyword in the design assignment.

“The internal culture is reflected in elements of fun, personal health, and an eco-friendly environment. ”


Oikocredits adopted the approach of Activity Based Working and asked Veldhoen + Company to guide them through the overall process aiming at people, technology and space. ZENBER Architecten translated the Functional Program of Requirements into a dynamic and sustainable Activity Based working environment.


The newly designed office space supports Oikocredit’s transformation towards a more collaborative, inspiring, entrepreneurial, and innovative organisation, and stimulates collaboration and innovation. The internal culture is reflected in elements of fun, personal health, and an eco-friendly environment. Climate control, air purification by planting and reduced damaging emissions from carpeting, and noise reduction contribute to a pleasant working environment.

Dynamic heart

The ground floor has become a dynamic heart with a multifunctional work-café, meeting and co-work areas, and communication zones where employees and visitors can meet, relax and share their knowledge. Concentration zones with silence areas, and private and shared desks are located on the quieter outskirts of the ground level. The library is not only a silence area, but also a greenhouse that visually connects with the outside garden.


The office floors on the higher levels consist mostly of silence and concentration working areas, combined with meeting ad co-work areas. A centrally based pantry zone, with a work-café is the heart and meeting place of each level

Sustainable design, responsible use of materials

Glass walls and doors, and the furniture used in the design is as much as possible reused and revitalised. New materials are circular. The wooden finishing is from certified responsible forestry. Natural daylight floods richly inside and is combined with 100% LED lighting.

About Oikocredit

Oikocredit is a worldwide cooperative and social investor, providing funding to the microfinance sector, fair trade organizations, cooperatives and small to medium enterprises. Oikocredit is guided by the principle of empowering people. Experience proves that the most effective and sustainable means of assisting those in need is providing an opportunity to help themselves. Oikocredit believes in a global, just society in which resources are shared sustainably and all people are empowered with the choices they need to create a life of dignity.


Client: Oikocredit
Location: Amersfoort
Completion: 2018

Project team ZENBER: Eric Wezenberg, Ingrid Heijne,
Diederik Mulder
Contractor/ Interior builder: Intermontage
Housing consultancy: Funckey/ Veldhoen + Company

Installation consultancy: Becks
Acoustic consultancy: LBP|SIGHT
Lighting plan: Studio Rublek BV.
Graphic design: ZENBER Architecten
Photography: ZENBER Architecten