Dunea Duin & Water Zoetermeer

sustainable renovation

About This Project

A new 10.000 m2 working environment has been developed and designed for the drinking water company Dunea Duin & Water. Dunea produces and supplies safe drinking water to approximately 1.2 million customers in the province of South Holland. The company manages the dunes between Monster and Katwijk and protects drinking water extraction. As a socially responsible company, Dunea has opted for redevelopment instead of new construction.

The interior design was guided by the Duin (Dune) & Water elements in Dunea’s name. The specific characteristics of these landscapes are reflected in the interior design. The dune zone on the exterior of the moon-shaped building is more closed while the water zones in the interior are more open. Dunea’s identity has been embedded within the interior design through the photos of nature photographer Bart Engeldorp on the glass walls, the exhibition areas and a Water Bar on each floor. The building in Zoetemeer has been renovated in cooperation with OIII and Graziosi Progetti.

Photography: Roos Aldershoff

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