ReThink & ReWork – ‘Together we create’

ReThink & ReWork – ‘Together we create’

In co-creation, Zenber Architecten & Limoonworks, accommodation consultants, collaborate on the development of various tools, with the aim of preparing organizations for the reopening of the office after the Coronavirus pandemic. Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and with it the function of the office. According to various studies, meeting, working together and creating become the activities why people want to go back to the office.

  • What are the needs within your organization and is the work environment prepared for this? 
  • What are you going to create in the work environment to facilitate the new way of (co-) working at the office, after the coronavirus pandemic? 

In order to get answers to these questions, we guide organizations to discuss and work together with their users on how the work environment, working after the coronavirus pandemic, can optimally facilitate. Together we create.

One of the tools is the interactive design-online session. Together we start working with the ‘office components’: ‘measure, greet & create’ and by talking to each other we create a sketch design of the renewed work environment.

The result is a customized reworkplace design plan. This is a sketch design including estimate and implementation plan to prepare your organization for the reopening of the office after the coronavirus pandemic.