Departure Lounge 1: Everyone on cloud nine

Lounge 1 Schiphol, ontwerp ZENBER Architecten

Departure Lounge 1: Everyone on cloud nine

A space with living trees, shops, workspaces and easy chairs; light effects that show you where to go; a total reorganisation of the existing 13,000 square metres, plus no less than 6,000 square metres of ground area – these are just some of the extraordinary aspects of the (almost) final new design of Departure Lounge 1.

Passenger experience

Because Schiphol is keen to improve the passenger experience as well as the quality and safety of Departure Lounge 1, the airport has brought in both in-house architects, Benthem Crouwel Architecten and NACO (BCN), and an interior design architect, Zenber Architecten. Their brief is to evoke a sense of tranquillity and openness, but also to make sure it’s ‘enjoyable’.

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