Rotterdam’s most luxurious and modern hotel is not just any hotel. It is a lifestyle. The 5-star Mainport is uniquely located on the banks of the Maas, with amazing views over the water and the skyline of Rotterdam.


new experience

Mainport inspires with a world-class atmosphere and exceptional design. Step into a world that encourages you to experience your own stories and discoveries. Each room en suite brings a new experience and is equipped with a sauna and/or whirlpool. The influences from all over the world make Mainport a true melting pot of continents and cultures.


ZENBER Architects supplied the styling and felt products for the restaurants, lounge, reception area and hotel rooms.
The building was designed by MAS Architectuur and the interior design is by Feran Thomassen.
The Mainport hotel has the label “Design Hotels”. This international label stands for “one of a kind” and “original-experiences”.


Client:  Mainport Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam
Completion: 2013

Project team ZENBER: Ingrid Heijne
Building architect: MAS Architectuur
Interior design: Feran Thomassen

Photography: Hugo Thomassen